Going Organic – Why Natural and Organic is the only way to go

Going Organic

Big manufacturers see the appeal of the buzzwords and appearing to be “going organic”. Organic sells, and it’s easy for a manufacturer to add green fields and pretty flowers to the label to mis-sell you the idea that their product is eco-friendly, natural, organic or somehow non-toxic. But the facts are rather more sinister. Cosmetics are crammed to the hilt with nasty chemicals. They might treat the condition they say they do or add a glow to your skin, but is that a great trade-off for absorbing petrol into your skin? And what is the long term damage?

Its the same as using “Fat-Free” on food products. While factually correct, sugar is almost always used to replace the fat and what does sugar do when it metabolises in the body? It turns to fat. Who loses? The consumer, again.

Ostara Skincare Ethos

Skincare should care for your skin. It’s in the name. That’s why we use every naturally occurring and organic ingredient we can whilst staying away from the harmful ones.

Skincare brands shouldn’t only shout about their natural and organic credentials, they should actually practice them, and that’s where most brands fall short. At Ostara Skincare we are proud that we manufacture our products with this ethos first, instead of jumping on the non-transparent marketing bandwagon of other brands. Go and read the descriptions of our products, look up the ingredients. We are proud of them, they are not to be hidden away and only displayed because of legal reasons.

The Environment

Organic products are simply more eco-friendly than mass produced, throw away, cheap consumer products that fill the shelves in supermarkets and shops.

It’s hard to pollute rivers and streams with ingredients that naturally occur. Look at it this way, there’s no petroleum in our products, so there’s no petroleum going down your sink. Easy.

Speak to us today to arrange a free consultation, or contact us with your skincare queries, and let us show you a real organic way.


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