Greenwashing In Skincare: Ostara Investigates

What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing in skincare is an intentionally unethical, confusing and misleading practice that brands and manufacturers utilise to sell more products. Well-known brands literally take their customers for fools when they mis-sell them products on fake green credentials.

Green Only Marketing

The marketing has gone green, but that’s usually where it ends. The products are still full of nasty chemicals. Brands often promote that a certain ingredient is not in a product; no sulphates, no parabens etc. That’s great, but what about the other man-made toxins that haven’t had the negative media attention they deserve just quite yet? All that happens with these “natural products” is the marketing changes. And as customers, who put our trust in brands not to deceive us, we think this is terrible. Companies do naughty things all the time because they believe doing good won’t boost their bottom line. Their marketing tells you that they want you to feel good, fix a problem and give you a great lifestyle. Their shareholders want your money, and everything is set up to make that happen, regardless of the cost. Our products are designed to do exactly what they say on the bottle. We want to help people with psoriasis, reduce that cracked skin on your hands or just give you a luxury experience in the shower. When you experience our products, they speak for themselves.

Who is greenwashing?

Without naming names, most of the big brands. Pick some of your favouriteĀ cosmetic brands and Google them with “greenwashing” added to the end. Knowledge is power and the most important thing you can do is be aware of what you’re putting on and inside your body.

Can I ask you about your products?

Yes, please do. We are transparent about what we do, our products and our ethos. We are also completely against Greenwashing. It gives all of Skincare a bad name. Send us a message over social media, at or the form below.    

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