Oh dear

A week ago I went over my ankle and torn ligaments, after a quick visit to A&E confirmed no fracture or break I was sent home with a support boot for as long as I need it.  Thank goodness I have my essential oils!  My routine throughout the days are to apply as much aromatherapy onto my ankle and foot.

 TLC Manuka whipped cream, neat lavender, muscle and joint gel with camphor, black pepper, eucalyptus and rosemary – obviously not all at once but separately throughout the day.  The bruising is bad but no where near as what it would of been without application.  Manuka works similar to Arnica (I’ve also being taking my Arnica tablets) lavender and chamomile sooth inflammation. I am going to take time to heal but I know with the help of essential oils I’ll get there much quicker.

Wish me luck for the Allergy and Free from show in Glasgow SECC this weekend! Yikes!

Take care, Blessings, Mairi x

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