Spearmint – 10ml


  • Antiseptic, carminative and restorative
  • More gentle than Peppermint with similar, if slightly less powerful, properties making this oil good to use with children
  • Mentha spicata Oil is an essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the herbs of the Spearmint, Mentha spicata L, Labiatae (syn: Mentha viridis L, Labiatae)

Spearmint essential oil has similar properties to those of Peppermint but is a gentler oil and so more suitable for use with children.

Diluted in a carrier oil it makes a good massage treatment for digestive problems such as excessive wind or upset tummys. Massage gently in to the abdomen for best results. In adults the massage may help with nausea, headaches, migraines, fatigue and stress. It can also help with mild acne or other skin infections.
When diluted in a cream or lotion it makes a lovely soothing ointment that can relieve the itching associated with allergic rashes etc.
Burning or vaporising Spearmint can help in the same way as using it in massage.


Dilute in a carrier oil before skin application. Keep away from children and out of eyes. Do not take internally or apply undiluted to the skin. For further advice on using essential oils to treat medical conditions, we recommend you seek advice from a professional.

Please note that Ostara Skincare cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness or adverse reaction to any recipes, instructions or advice given. It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that they have followed the relevant safety protocols and that they are aware of any possible side effects before use. We always advise that a skin patch test is carried out before full usage of any natural product whether purchased from ourselves or elsewhere.

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