Why You Need Our New TLC Formula

Our New TLC formula

Sometimes, all we really need is a touch of TLC – a healing balm for both skin and soul.  Is that ever too much to ask?

With the answer in mind, Mairi, our founder, set about creating TLC Manuka Whipped Cream, a bestselling potion that soothes and comforts, whatever the ailment.

Newly formulated with the addition of 4 power plant extracts and a unique blend of organic essential oils, this all-round miracle cream treats acne, eczema, dry skin, hardworking hands and mature skin. Already popular with healthcare workers, the ointment is also earning a reputation as a ‘cure-all’ for all the family.

In fact, TLC Manuka Whipped Cream has won the nickname, “Mairi’s Magic Cream’ due to its plethora of wonder ingredients.

T is for Tea Tree

An anti-inflammatory, this essential oil can soothe painful, irritated skin and reduce redness and swelling.

L is for Lavender

Known for its calming and anti-bacterial qualities, this ingredient can reduce blotchy patches and scarring. It’s also useful for insect bites and sunburn.

C is for Chamomile

Antiseptic and hypoallergenic, this ingredient offers relief to sensitive skin.

These namesake ingredients have now been blended with anti-inflammatory borage, honeysuckle and marigold to create the new formulation, which also packs in the antibacterial properties of burdock root.

Developed by Ostara Skincare in alignment with our core purpose – creating products that are natural, vegan and cruelty free – TLC Manuka Whipped Cream is also infused with palm-free vegetable glycerin, shea butter and organic essential oils. These include grape seed, coconut, apricot kernel and olive, which work together with manuka to soothe and soften dry, irritated hands.

So, when life has been a bit rough, invoke the healing power of Ostara – goddess of new beginnings.

Allow us to revitalise you and your loved ones – skin and soul – with TLC Manuka Whipped Cream.

Remember, it stands for tender, loving, care. And you shouldn’t stand for anything less.

Get it here – TLC Manuka Whipped Cream

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